Express’ing Spring with Crochet

May 18, 2017 3 Comments

I go on and on about this every year, but I got to say it again as we welcome it back here in San Diego – What’s up Summer! Growing up in a climate where the summer sun was merciless, I could have never imagined being such great friends with you. But here we are, I have missed you more than I care to admit. I love these months of April, May, with the last touches of Spring paving the way for summer. Especially with daylight savings now out of the picture, I love the longer days where you can get off a long hard day at work, and still catch a good hour of the golden goodness of the sun. These months also bring with them a slew of garden & pool party invites, the wedding season. So, there’s always a lot of places to go to, and tons of beautiful backdrops one finds themselves in. And in such great weather, why would you ever decline?

Summer and Spring give you a lot of scope to experiment with your styles – I personally like to mix it up, with some classic all-timers sharing wardrobe space with some new styles to spice up my wardrobe for this fun season. One such style of pieces I’m looking at right now, is Crochet. At first thought, Crochet looks elaborate but with the right choices, you can play with it enough to make it a key part of your spring-summer wardrobe. When you think of Summer styles, florals come quickly to mind but give Crochet a chance, they are more versatile than you might think. They liven your look, and they cover the entire range; from subtle & classy to limelight-stealing statement pieces.

That 70s show may not air anymore, but the 70s are alive if you see the comeback Crochet has made in the fashion space in the past few years. A crocheted skirt or a dress can be a staple piece in putting together the easy breezy chic outfits for a garden party or the umpteen wedding events. Even a romantic date night – depending on the length and amount of work you prefer on your piece. Think also of those let-your-hair-down occasions, ones that call out for a fun fresh Coachella outfit, at a pool party if you aren’t getting in the water – A simple white crocheted lace top with denim shorts or jeans.  A dinner date? Pick up a mauve/dusty rose crochet number. Brunch with your girlfriend – there’s your white crocheted skirt combined with a floral blouse.

For my crochet look, I picked up some of the pretty perfect Crochet pieces from Express. I picked this black top and the most swoon-worthy pencil skirt from them to wear to a birthday dinner of one of my dear friends. Look at the work on both the top and the skirt, intricate yet has a certain nonchalance to it.  The construction of both the pieces are so good, that they hug your body in all the right places hiding those love handles or any other area you don’t want to call attention to. There is something about the length of the skirt and sleeves of the top, when they come together, delivering a very flattering feminine silhouette. Another thing I love about both the pieces are, they are lined perfectly, and you can just throw them on for an effortlessly chic look. Move over ‘messed up hair’, ‘effortlessly chic’ is the new sexy my friends. I wore this combination with a pair of low block heeled sandals from Express and paired them with blush colored earrings.

As we get into another season, I’d like to give a special shout-out to my friend and photographer friend @urbancellvault for all the beautiful pictures and ideas. Thank you to all my readers and friends on Instagram and Facebook for the continued support too. When I started the blogging journey, I didn’t in my wildest dreams imagined collaborating with all the brands I have worked with. I have always shopped from Express on a regular basis, so when the opportunity to collaborate with Express rolled in, I was really happy :D.

That’s it from today. I’ll be soon taking off for a mini-Europe trip, to London-Bruges-Brussels and Amsterdam. So please send me any recommendations and things to do at these places. Catch me on my stories & pictures on Instagram. Can’t wait to share the excitement with y’all!

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    May 18, 2017

    I am loving your crochet outfit!!! so gorgeous

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    May 22, 2017

    I have the same king of love towards Crochet, I love the coords that you are wearing Anju.