I spend most of my waking hours writing code, debugging and staring at waveforms, yet a piece of fabric is what requires the most problem-solving in. I’m an engineer in a field that’s traditionally not had a healthy gender ratio and one of the things this manifests in are the quizzical looks when I do choose to rock a pencil dress. Have learnt to get past those, but it does lead to a unique experience and understanding of the chicken and egg situation between influences of style on environment and vice-versa. SD-571_cropped


I had decided pretty early on that as someone who does get excited by crop tops and polka dots, I can’t choose to be straight jacketed into a mold of conformity based off a five day work week.

I’ve had these conversations with a lot of my girlfriends on how dressing up in this environment brings with it its own unique experience. Growing up as a millennial in India I’ve, like many others, already had some experiences in playing good-cop bad-cop with regard to expressing my sense of style. The time here as a working professional in America has added more layers to that canvas.

This is an attempt at documenting these expressions, through clothing and designs. I’ll be putting forward my takes on work wear, non 9-5 wear (pretty much a virtual key to my closet) and other things that grab my attention. I hesitate to pepper the word ‘fashion’, so strike three me if I do – but be careful, I do know a thing or two about resetting counters 😎

The jury’s still out on whether there’s a dress code in engineering, but till then, one can definitely be code-dressed.