Hi, my name is Anju Joseph, and I’m a hardware engineer living in sunny San Diego. I grew up in a place by the water (Kerala, at the southern-most tip of India’s beautiful western coast) and then lived most of my adult years under the searing sun (for bachelor and master studies), so I love the fact that I’m now in a place where I can actually enjoy both the sun and the water. The sun is a good friend now and hopefully that shows in the pictures. 

Having moved around various places, cultures, alongside growing up as part of the first generation with widespread access to the internet, my interests in style have varied as widely as they have evolved. I love bright colors and bohemian prints (a pop of color and a dash of print, what’s not to like?). Being an Indian, there’s a certain ‘easternness’ that sometimes shows up which I like to match with urban contemporary clothing.

At some point, I started documenting, on and off, my wear & things I love and find useful on Instagram . The name is codeDressed to speak of a woman engineer’s voice on this topic.

The blog posts and the IG feed will capture more than I could here. I hope they make for good viewing, and I get to tell and hear more through this medium.